The FORFEX detector detects train travel direction at a given point on the track and controls all functions relative to the passage of the train.

  • Level crossing (gate and lights control)
  • Signal control
  • Signal lights activation as the train approaches
  • Points control in marshalling yards

FORFEX treadles can detect train movement AND direction. They are available in 3 different configurations:

  • Two types of Uni- directional A to B and B to A
  • Or Bi-directional

The Bi-Directional model has two independent reversing contacts, one on each arm corresponding to the two directions of travel. This model will detect trains running in either direction and allows identification of said direction.

Operating principle

Two high-resistance, stainless steel torque shafts (one for each direction) set in a cast iron housing absorb the energy produced by wheel impact on the arms and activate a mechanical interlocking device.

This selects the electrical contact to operate according to the direction the train is travelling in. The upward movement of the arms is slowed down by two oil dashpots. This ensures sufficient switching time, whatever the time constant of the actuated circuits may be.


The device is installed using a support fitting clamped to the base of the rail:

  • 40 to 55kg/m : (P18024 galvanised steel fitting)


Equipment approved by the SNCF (French national rail operator), RATP (Paris transport

authority), Network Rail and many international railway operators.


FORFEX is the result of over 80 years of experience and has already sold over 300,000 units in 50 countries including Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy…

Forfex Treadle
Forfex treadle