The CAUTOR system detects the presence of a train traveling along the track and controls all functions related to its passage:

  • Level crossing (gate and lights control)
  • Signal control
  • Signal light activation as the train approaches
  • Points control in marshalling yards


Operating principle

One high resistance stainless steel torque shaft set in a cast-iron housing absorbs the energy produced by the impact of the wheel and triggers the reversal of the electrical controls.

The upward movement of the arm is slowed down by an oil dashpot. This ensures sufficient switching time, whatever the time constant of the actuated circuits may be.



The device is installed using a support fitting clamped to the base of the rail :

  • 40 to 55kg/m: (P18024 galvanized steel fitting)


Equipment approved by the SNCF (French national rail operator), RATP (Paris transport authority), Network Rail and many international railway operators.

  • Detector weight: 8 kg
  • Support fitting weight: 13 kg
  • Cover locked by toggle latch with removable ring (anti-vandalism)
Cautor treadle
Cautor treadle

CAUTOR Presentation